Saturday, 5 December 2015

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When man came on earth, the air was clean to breathe, there was no pollution and there most certainly were not any tobacco based cigarette smokers choking up our respiratory system. However with time all of it came and today just walking anywhere means that you will definitely come across someone who is smoking a cigarette and forcing you to inhale all that second hand smoke. 

Is it possible that while growing up you too fell for the notion of ‘smoking a tobacco cigarette is cool’ and now that you have come to your senses it is near to impossible for you to let go of this vile habit? We have a solution to your problem at hand and it is named Cigees. Cigees is an electronic cigarette which will not only help you in sorting out your smoking problem but it will also be light on your pocket. Let us have a look on why you should ditch a real cigarette and opt for an electronic alternate.

·         Cigees are shaped like real cigarette so as to give your brain the perception that you are smoking a real cigarette.
·         You save a lot of money because one Cigees can last just as long as 20 real cigarettes would.
·         Instead of inhaling tobacco you are inhaling vapours
·         You can smoke anywhere without Cigees being a fire risk
·         Cigees can help you in quitting smoking
·         Cigees produce water vapours which is not harmful for the environment
·         You can have your Cigees at any gathering without offending people
·         They are a safer alternate to actual smoking which may give the illusion of tasting and feeling just like a real cigarette.

How it works?
When Cigees was being developed the prime focus was on the fact that it should be an alternate to real cigarette therefore Cigees electronic cigarettes are shaped to look like real cigarettes. Cigees also comes in flavours of Tobacco and Menthol. The body is built to accommodate a rechargeable battery which heats up the device, there is a microprocessor which controls the LED light and heating, a sensor detects when the user takes a puff from the Cigee, the heating element which is present after the sensor vapourises the liquid in the retainer to turn into vapours. 

The purpose of the LED light is that it turns green when one is drawing up a Ciggee and it flashes red when the battery is taken out. The batteries are rechargeable and the liquid container can be refillable. In order to charge your Cigee you may recharge it with a USB charger or a car battery charger, you can also buy it in a two pin European charger to suit your convenience.

How to use it?
You can use Cigees in a similar fashion to how you smoke a real cigarette, only difference being that you do not need to light it up with the help of a lighter. Cigees has a self built sensor which gets activated when you put Cigees in your mouth and take a draw. The sensor allows the transfer of energy from the rechargeable battery to the to the heating element which heats up the liquid and then vapourises it. 

Therefore when you draw it and take a puff you would be puffing on water vapours, which will neither smoke up the room nor bother any non smoker. Most of all you would not be forcing passive smoking upon anyone as the vapours tend to dissolve within the air instantaneously.

Expected Results
The use of Cigees is going to most likely be a huge relief to your pocket because now you will no longer be burning a hole in them. Use of Cigees will help you convert to an alternative and safer method in comparison to smoking. 

It will be of great health benefit to you and those around you. Most of all Cigees will give you the entire experience of smoking a cigarette without filling up your lungs with nasty tar and tobacco based elements.

Any Side Effects

When it comes to side effects to using Cigees it should be understood that if the user does suffer any side effects it would come under the ambit of nicotine withdrawal symptoms which are inclusive of headaches, fatigue, dizziness, cough, acne, exhaustion, intense craving for a cigarette.  

So in reality your body would take some time to get accustomed to the idea that you are no longer on a self destruct mission. These side effects are usually a way for the body to detox itself so there is nothing to worry about. As far as it comes to Cigees, they themselves are relatively safer than real cigarette because there is no tar or tobacco in it. It works on Water Vapour technology.

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